Techsterminators is now OmniTech

July 20, 2013


For nearly three years, we’ve been providing technology repair for Starkville and the surrounding areas in the Golden Triangle Area. Since we’ve began, our customers have raved about us saving their laptops and computing devices. Being technology superheroes has been in our DNA since day one. Naturally, we named the company after our heroes and in December of 2010, Techsterminators was born. The only thing was, as excited as our customers were about us, they couldn’t spell our name! In the spirit of constantly making life easier for our users, we’ve changed our name to OmniTech.

The Mission and Vision for OmniTech
The mission for the company has remained unchanged. We protect and serve citizens of the digital world (that means you). Our vision, however, has evolved. When the company first started, I was personally fixing the computers of my family, friends, and local clientele. Customers were ecstatic that they were receiving such quality repair and great customer service for the fair rates we charged. I had unknowingly hit a sore spot in the market. That lead me to believe that there was a bigger problem that needed solving. Customers couldn’t find the best technology service providers in this VERY crowded space and were often settling with the first or second option that they came across. It turns out that these providers weren’t always the best and this left a sour taste in the mouth of these customers. This problem happens nationwide. The solution should be nationwide as well. I believe that it is our calling to serve not only Starkville, MS but also the areas beyond as well.

Omni Means All
The latin prefix Omnis translates to all. Tech is short for technology. Even the very best technicians have areas of weakness. Just because a technician fixed your friend’s laptop effortlessly, doesn’t always mean that you should trust them to repair your new iPad. This problem is more common than you’d think. We’ve heard these complaints countless times from our customers. By giving our customers access to all of the best local service providers from a single place, we can repair all technology without sacrificing the levels of quality we’re known for.

Finanally, I'd like to say thank you.
Thank you so, so much for inspiring us to be remarkable. We have vowed to continually enhance the technology repair experience for both our customers and service providers. Our users deserve a better option. We plan to be that. We’re passionate about technology and the people who use it. We hope that we can continue to change the lives of our users, one device at a time.